Promoting Safe Sex Education through Mobile Technology.

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Amazing Features

Here are some stand out features of the app.

How To Condom

Users can access information on the use and importance of the male condom.

Condom Playground

Allows users to create condom designs by adding images, changing colors and adding emojis to their condom designs.


This interactive feature enables users to publish their condom designs. Users can also add friends, like, comment and share designs to be viewed by others.

My Condoms

Allows the user to save and edit virtual condom designs.

My Patterns

Users can save and edit the images/patterns superimposed on virtual condom designs.

My Emoji Amigos

The user can save and edit emoji for future virtual condom designs.

Why CondomCraze?

CondomCraze is a free mobile application that promotes a social media dialogue on safe sex. The features of the app allow users to connect, access and share information on the male condom. This is safe sex education in the hands of the users.

Story Behind the App

CondomCraze is an expression of our shared passion for sexual health and technology. Sexual health is extremely important to us because we come from Sub Saharan African countries that are ravaged by the impact of HIV/AIDS. This is a prominent health concern that has stolen breadwinners, orphaned children and crushed families in already poor socio-economic living conditions. For instance, South African townships are widely regarded as the ‘epicenter’ of the global HIV epidemic - 6.8 million people living with HIV, and 140,000 HIV related deaths recorded in 2014 (UNAIDS). We hope that this mobile application can inspire a behavioral change, promote regular use of the male condom and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Of course, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) impact other parts of the world. Recently, the CDC in the United States of America reported a resurgence in the number of cases related to chlamydia (2.8%), gonorrhea (5.1%) and syphilis (15.1%), between 2013 and 2014. Chlamydia is the most common and can damage a woman’s reproductive system. All three STDs are curable with medication and one can decrease chances of contracting an STD by practicing safe sex. CondomCraze is an interactive and fun mobile tool that influences a positive attitude toward safe sex. This is a craze with longevity and a mobile app that empowers users to have sexual health in their hands. This is the first step in eliminating condom burnout and promoting safe sex for a better life!


Here are some stand out screenshots of the app.

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